Trilobite 1840 Parado Gloves

Trilobite 1840 Parado Gloves Ladies Blue

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Trilobite 1840 Parado Gloves Ladies Blue

Why buy the Trilobite 1840 Parado Gloves Ladies Blue motorcycle gloves? The Trilobite motorcycle gloves are a great pair of Long Cuff Midseason, Summer gloves. The s features play right into the needs and wishes of Adventure/Touring, Chopper/Retro riders. No matter your riding style, a pair of comfortably fitting gloves is of the utmost importance because having great feel with the handlebars is essential to operate your bike.

Trilobite features

  • These gloves are constructed from Aramid, Cowhide leather, Denim, DuPont!” Kevlar® to provide you with the necessary protection from abrasion.
  • Its Knuckle protector, Palm slider, Protective lining provide ample impact protection in the case of a slide.
  • These gloves are fitted with a Velcro closure for easy and secure fastening.
  • When it comes to ventilation, they are equipped with No active ventilation.
  • These particular gloves come in the color Black, Blue. If you re looking for a different pair of gloves, we have plenty more Trilobite

Aramide, Denim, DuPont!” Kevlar®, Rundleder

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